5 Tips for Moving to Burlington, NJ

Moving from one location to another is always an exciting experience. However, all of the packing, lifting, and hauling inherit in the moving process can be as stressful on the mind as it is strenuous on the body. To make things easier, we’ve assembled the following list specifically designed for those thinking about renting in Burlington, NJ.


Evaluate Floor Plans First





Developing a layout plan is one step that many renters fail to do until move-in day. Unfortunately, this typically leads to unnecessary work as you scramble to rearrange furniture in an apartment full of boxes and other clutter. And who needs that?


Arrange your rooms quickly by looking at your apartment’s floor plan prior to moving. Evaluate the dimensions of each room and decide where you will place certain pieces of furniture. If your couch will only fit against one wall, you will know in advance and can avoid moving it around several times.   


Remember Your Form


The importance of maintaining proper form while moving furniture cannot be emphasized enough. You don’t want to pull out your back while carrying a couch up a stairwell. And you definitely don’t want the local hospital’s emergency room to be the first place you visit in your new neighborhood.


To avoid injury, always bend your knees while lifting. Never lift with your back and never attempt to move a piece of furniture that you feel is too heavy. Remember that you can always call a professional moving crew if you’re not comfortable moving something yourself.


Unpack the Right Way


boxing day



Unpacking is a much easier task than moving your belongings. But make no mistake that some ways of doing it are better than others. It’s always recommended to set up larger pieces of furniture – such as television stands, bed frames, and shelving – prior to unpacking picture frames, books, and décor. Taking things one room at a time is of equal importance because it will allow you to stay organized. And of course, try not to overwhelm yourself by unpacking everything at once. While the need to quickly establish oneself is understandable, moving is a lot of hard work and your belongings aren’t going anywhere if you leave them in their boxes for an extra day or two.


Return the Rental Truck


16' Penske GMC Savana



People without trucks will likely have to use a rental truck service to transport their things. But before using a rental truck service, it’s smart to see which services have drop-off lots in the area. Those moving to Burlington, New Jersey will be happy to know that several major truck rental companies have locations in the area. A nearby U-Haul dealership is located at 94 Connecticut Drive. Similarly, a local Penske can be found at 513 Elbow Lane.


Consider Hiring Movers


Hiring movers is a great option for those who don’t want to go through the hassle of moving their belongings or renting a truck. While there is no denying that this is the more expensive route, you may find the time and trouble it saves to be well worth the extra money. Ron’s Moving is one local option with fairly competitive prices. http://www.painfreemoving.net/


Moving to Burlington


Burlington Bristol Bridge at Sunset



Once you have yourself established and feel comfortable with your new apartment, it’s time to check out your new home! Although notably close to two major U.S. cities and the Atlantic Ocean, the town of Burlington has a lot to offer its residents. Remember to visit this site in the future to stay informed about local attractions and events, dining and nightlife, and other things to do nearby.