Apartments in the Burlington Township School District
We all want what's best for our children, but we also have learned that we alone can't provide everything they need. Many parents rely on quality educators to help shape their children into happy, productive members of society. Living close to great schools helps keep the lines of communication open in addition to the obvious benefit of having a relatively easy commute back and forth. If you're looking for apartments in Burlington Township School District, Northgate Village is an excellent choice.

About the District

No matter how old the children in your home are, commutes won't be an issue. B Bernice Young Elementary, which educates K-2 is just 3.5 miles from Northgate Village. Kids in grades 3-5 would go to Fountain Woods School, which is 1.5 miles from our apartments. Burlington Township Middle School is less than 1 mile away, and Burlington Township High School is 1.6 miles away.

With everyone's lives so busy these days, it's often super important to consider proximity, not just for the regular school day, but also for getting kids to and from extracurricular activities, and also to help you as parents stay connected to what's happening at school. Reading about things on the online school calendar is helpful to keep you up-to-date on what's going on, but in the Burlington Township School District, parents and guardians are invited and encouraged to take an active role in the educational process. The district offers countless opportunities for parents to not only participate but also provide community input. There's also a comprehensive Family Learning Series that provides families an opportunity to learn together. Staying involved is undoubtedly easier when the school is nearby. Apartments in Burlington Township District, such as Northgate Village, feel a lot more like home when the children's academic and social needs are being met.

Academics & Special Education Programs

As far as academics go, this particular school district offers full-day kindergarten, a program for academically talented children, a program for children who need more academic support, and an English as a Second Language (ESL) program. Their mission is to develop the intellectual, creative, and social potential of each student through an active partnership with all members of the Burlington Township Community. Burlington understands that education is not just about textbooks and standardized tests. All students achieve their highest potential through engaging interactions and community involvement.

Nothing about finding the perfect place to live is easy. But if you're interested in finding apartments in Burlington Township School District with spacious floor plans and fantastic amenities, call Northgate Village today to schedule a tour!